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BookExpo unveils a selection of exhibitors for UnBound

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BookExpo previously announced the debut of a new “show within a show” at the upcoming 2019 event called UnBound. Taking place at BookExpo and BookCon, UnBound — a collection of bookish goods — will present merchandise buyers from independent and chain bookstores, museum stores, and specialty retailers a curated range of complementary products to their core book business to address the growing need to expand their sidelines offerings.

BookExpo has shared the first round of exhibitors set to showcase a diverse range of products such as journals, candles, board games, greeting cards, apparel, novelty items, socks and more at UnBound.

A selection of exhibitors on board for BookExpo 2019 include:

  • Attic Journals

  • Avanti Press

  • Blackwing

  • Brotherwise Games

  • Browntrout

  • Calypso Cards

  • Chalk of the Town

  • Christian Art Gifts

  • Deep Water Games

  • Denik

  • Geo Central

  • Graphic Image

  • Jordandene

  • Looney Labs

  • Nakatomi

  • Oooh Yeah Socks/Sock-It-Up

  • Ozone Socks

  • Orange Art

  • Retrospect Group

  • Silk Road Bazaar

  • Taza Chocolate

  • Topatoco

  • Travel Flips

BookExpo will take place May 29 through 31, 2019, followed by BookCon on June 1 through 2.


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