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National Stationery Week 2019

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The National Stationery Week (NSW) 2019 will take place April 29 through May 5. NSW and its Writing Matters campaign will use this week to celebrate writing by hand. Their mission is for people to discuss details of favorite stationery products and creators and “for everyone to send more letters and cards.”

According to NSW, “2019 will mark the eighth time the stationery industry has worked together to promote stationery, in all its forms and uses, and the love of handwriting, to a consumer audience.”

Stationery enthusiasts and professionals all around the world spread the word in previous years. Over 20,000 Twitter and Facebook followers led the charge last year and NSW shared, “The consumer media and bloggers, suppliers, retailers, schools, and press all do their bit to promote NSW.”

NSW is also interested in ideas: themes, how to promote, and ways to attract new stationery fans. “Remember, it needs to be an idea that retailers and the campaign’s 20,000 stationery addict followers, plus lots of new stationery fans can get involved in,” noted NSW. Additionally, the event still has space for partners to host one of the “7 Days of Stationery.”


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